Photographe basée à Montréal. Toutes les photographies du site ont été prises avec un moyen-format Yashica LM, Je n'utilise généralement pas photoshop [sauf indication contraire].

Independant Montreal-based photographer. All the images on the website were taken with a medium format Yashica LM, with a minimal to no use of photoshop [unless otherwise indicated]


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Par Dominique Loubier [Les Élus]
Bishopton, Octobre 2011


WATER BODIES / OH OPHELIA (Montreal, Fall 2014)

Group photography show based around the theme of swimming, submersion, bodies in water. Curated by Francesca Tallone.


« Water Cube: Le Making Of » (Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton - 2008-2009)

Group exhibition curated by /
Dominique Bergeron
Annie Billington (*)
Alanna Krowlikowski
Marie Reny

This exhibit of photographs results from an exclusive opportunity to visit Beijing's National Aquatics Center, also known as the Water Cube, during its construction in July of 2007.

Already eagerly anticipated at the time, the Water Cube is by 2008 one of China’s most recognizable contemporary structures.

While the spectacular venues for the 2008 Olympics have been highly publicized, the conditions under which they were built remain obscure, especially to international observers.

In this exhibit, twenty photographs capture the striking architectural and structural features of the Water Cube and the adjacent “Bird’s Nest” National Stadium, in their making. However, the images also refocus our gaze from these aspects to the work of the many labourers who built these monumental structures.

The images of these construction sites are set in the dynamic social and political context of today’s Beijing and against the background of China’s growing international role. Texts with the photos suggest different ways of thinking about the Olympic venues, their construction and their representation in photography.

By providing a unique visual perspective on issues hotly debated in print, including the transformation of Beijing’s urban landscape for the Olympics and the plight of workers in the country’s booming construction sector, these images contribute to our evolving understanding of contemporary Chinese society.

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